MT4 REST API Documentation

easy direct connection to any MT4 and MT5 server

MT4 REST API Documentation

New demo environment and documentation


All method you can test on API with address

Next articles examples reference to this instance.

Examples tested with well-known utility SOAPUI, which has free version.

Login to MT4 server

If you try to connect without token you will get «Unauthorized».

You should add header with name «Authorization» and value «Bearer <token>» (with space).


API return response with login_id (keep this id) of MT4 server connection and some data.

If something goes wrong with API you will get Error. E.x. wrong login

Login to MT4 server via proxy

Some MT4 servers deny more than several connection from one IP.

In this case you should find free SOCKS5 proxy or build yourself.

Find free socks5 proxy is hard task. So we will build ourselves for example.

Now method exist, but proxy doesn’t.

Get login info

If you logged to MT4 server, API would keep that connection. You can check connection existing by user_id returned by method “new”.

Get quote

Get quote from connection by user id and tiker

Open orders

Open orders from connection

Get order history

Please, use exactly exampled datetime format

Order send

You should see properly exception, because market was closed, when I am writing this document

But when it switched on, you will see like this

Order close

Close connection to MT4 server

When you work is done, you should disconnect by user id

If connection was closed earlier

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